Breaking Tradition - Destroying Religion - Making Disciples

Apostle Hubbard has had countless encounters with the Spirit of God through these encounter he has developed his Spiritual Equipping Class which has been helpful. In causing hundreds to walk in their God given authority as well as having supernatural encounters. Most of these encounters are documented and can be accessed by pressing the button below.

Prophetic Mentorship


Morning Glory Apostolic/Prophetic Center school of the spirit is a supernatural equipping center for those who wish to walk in the fullness of their gifts, callings, and anointing taught and instructed by Teacher -Dedric Hubbard. 

This class has equipped hundreds to walk in the fullness of who they are in Christ understanding that no two gifts are alike. Each student is tutored through what the Holy Spirit reveals to Teacher Hubbard in which as each student goes through the class their individual gifts are directed  through one of the 5 foundational gifts that Jesus established for the equipping of the ministry. MGAPC School of the Spirit has 4 different teaching classes the courses are designed from the beginner in the prophetic to the well seasoned prophetic voice. You can start at any level you choose but we will suggest the best level for you.

 Each class has different courses which can last from 3 days to 8 weeks the pricing for each course is $50 per class. All of our training can be done online or in person to home groups, churches, ministries or individuals please contact us if scheduling for your ministry or home groups.  Allow us to be the place to equip you or your leaders to walk in the authority God has called them too please browse our different classes and the length of the class which can be tailored to meet time restraints of the group. If you are interested or like to inquire further about any class email us at  

Our Mission: To educate, inform, equip, and release individuals into their assigned place in the kingdom with spiritual authority and power not according to the traditions and knowledge of man. But the wisdom power and the authority of the Holy Spirit.

Prophetic Equipping Classes

1. Prophetic Deliverance -This 4 week deliverance session teaches how to discern, recognize and understand the gift of deliverance as it relates to those who are called to operate in deliverance. By providing basic knowledge of satan's demonic structure many will have a clearer understanding of how the demonic spirits operate as well as knowledge to defeat their dark powers.

Session 1 Includes -

1. Knowing Your Authority 
2. Can Believers Have Demons?
3. How Demonic Spirits Enter Into Believers
4. What Is Spiritual Warfare?

5. Overcoming Fear Of Demons

Session 2 Includes -

1. The 4 Principalities And Their Assignments

2. How Principalities Affect Their State, City, Communities & People

3. Understanding The Spirit of Discernment

4. How To Discern People, Places, & Spirits

5. Understanding Familiar Spirits 

Session 3 Includes:

1. Understanding Generational Curses

2. Understanding Soul Ties

3. Free Masons, Greek Fraternities & Sororities

4. Religious Spirits

5. Spirit of Perversion

2. Prophetic Healing - ​This 3 Day class deal with people who have a need for internal healing in which Apostle Hubbard goes in-depth to find the root of past hurts, generational bondage or childhood trauma that has hindered a persons' spiritual growth.

Session 1 

1. What Is Prophetic Healing?
2. Do I Need Healing? 

3. Let's Get Healed

4. Forgiveness

Session 2

1. Pride

2. Healing Is A Process
3. Relationships

4. Fear

Session 3

1. Rejection and People Pleasers
2. The Spirit of Anger

3. Addictions

4. Low Self - Esteem

5. Poverty

Prophetic School of The Spirit - The prophetic school of the spirit deals with people who are being called into the prophetic this class helps them identify, analyze and bring understanding to their gifts as a whole as well as the strength and weakness they may encounter while operating in their gifting. This is a 4 week course.

Prophetic Class - Course 1

Class 1 - The Passion of a Prophet - Deals with the prophet's life from birth to awakening.

 A. The life of a Prophet
 B. The wounds of a Prophet
 C. The call of a Prophet

Class 2 - The Awakening Prophet - Deals with the training of a prophet.

 A. The battle of a Prophet
 B. The mind of a Prophet.
 C. The place of a Prophet

Class 3 - Preparing a Prophet- Deals with preparing a prophet to serve.

 A. Prophet's Job
 B. A Prophet's Training

 C. A Prophet's Mantle

Advanced Prophetic - Course 2

Class 1 Spiritual Language - Deals with the language of God.


 A. Dreams, Angels, Spirits
 B. Visions, trances, open heaven encounters
 C. Prophetic words, phrases, and knowledge

Class 2 Engaging the Heavens - Deals with communicating with angels.

A. Angelic forces
B. The 12 keys to Prophetic Authority
C. The Office of the Prophet

Class 3 Operating in Heavenly Authority - Deals with operating in prophetic authority

 A. The Angelic Doorkeepers
 B. Seasons, Times, Rivers, and the Flow of God.
 C. Throne Room Encounters

Apostolic Class - Course 3

Class 1 Entering the Heart of God - Deals with the treasures in God's heart.

A. The Way Heaven Operates

B. The Heart of God
C. The Seven Spirits Before God's Heart

Class 2 Operating in Heaven and Earth - Preparing for apostolic authority.

A. The 24 keys to Kingdom Authority
B. The Watchmen of Heaven
C. Opening and Closings Rivers, Gates, and Seasons.

Class 3  Releasing Spiritual Authority - Operating in apostolic authority.

 A. The Equipping ministry
 B. Decree, Demands, and Delegation
 C. The Apostolic Office

The Priestly Anointing - Course 4

Class 1 - The God Head


 A. The Spirit of God
 B. The Nature of God
 C. The Person of God

Class 2 - The God Head (Jesus)

A. The Spirit of God
B. The Nature of God
C. The Person of God

Class 3 - The God Head (Holy Spirit)

A. The Spirit of the Holy Spirit
B. The Nature of the Holy Spirit
C. The Person of the Holy Spirit

Class 4 - The God Head (we)

A. The Spirit of Us
B. The Nature of Us
C. The Person of Us

Class 5 - The Priestly Office (us)

A. Rules
B. Responsibilities

The Issachar Anointing


 A. The Language Of God
 B. The Nature of  the Issachar Anointing
 C. The Interpretation of the Issachar Anointing
 D. Defining the Language of Issachar
 E. How the Issachar Anointing Speaks