Morning Glory Apostolic/Prophetic Center

Morning Glory Apostolic/Prophetic Center

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Last Teachings

Apostle Hubbard is a highly sought after teacher of the gospel who brings unbelievable insight, newness, and informative revelation of the Gospel of Christ. Be advise he does not take his calling lightly and as a result many of his teachings and revelation may not be understood by religious teachers of this time. Please subscribe to our Youtube channel to hear and view his past as well recent messages of the Gospel of Christ.


Apostle Hubbard travels to speak, preach and evangelize the gospel of Christ. If you like to see if he is in your area please feel free to visit our event pages to see what location he will be in next on his mission to win souls for Christ.


Apostle Hubbard carries a heavily anointed gift to develop as well as host conferences. Always, with his ear to the clouds to see what God is doing and saying for this dispensation. He makes the clarion call through conferences if you would like for Apostle Hubbard to assist in a conference or just to see if he is in your location. Please feel free to visit the conference page for more information.


The leaders at Morning Glory Apostolic/Prophetic Center entire focus is the development, cultivation, and acknowledgment of the power of God that is embedded inside of them as followers of Christ. With that burden God has equipped them to offer different classes and mentorship opportunities to those that connect with this ministries. Apostle Hubbard has equipped and given many individuals the tools to operate in their God-given power for the purpose of bringing God’s kingdom to earth.    
School Of the Spirit

Apostle Hubbard is a powerful individual when it comes to teaching believers their gifts in Christ. Apostle Hubbard School of the Spirit was given to him directly by the Holy Spirit and as a result, no gifts are taught alike. He has helped many individuals come to the understanding of who they are and how they operate in Christ.

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If you think you are called to preach or believe God is calling you to ministry. Then this mentorship class maybe for you in this class Apostle Hubbard teaches believers the signs and call of ministry all the time healing the from past hurts, strongholds and generational curse until they come to a place of understanding the call of God on their lives.

Prophetic Training

The prophetic call and gifting on a person's life is very mysterious, demanding and lonely as you take the walk of being a prophetic voice. Based on his best-selling book A Prophet's Cry this class deals with the rejection, self-doubt and separation that happens to a prophetic individual.

Apostolic Training

Are you called to the apostolic? What are the fundamentals gifts of an apostle? If you are questioning your gifts and calling as an apostle than this class is for you! Apostle Hubbard takes you through the basic operations, gifts, and callings of an apostle. Through these classes you will be able to pinpoint, develop and understand the call of an apostle.

Apostolic Network

As we grow close to the coming of Christ many individuals and ministries are growing and expanding without ministry connections. Apostle Hubbard through this Apostolic Network brings foundation, support, and brotherhood in order to become an army of believers with the same mindset and principals needed to solidify the power of God on Earth.


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